ECATEC, based in Barcelona, is a company that takes advantage of the many properties of rubber to manufacture rubber seals, silicone sheets, rubber profiles, etc., whose extensive experience in the rubber industry makes it a leader in the sector.

Trained and equipped to develop any precision rubber work (Silicone, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CELLULAR, CR, FKM, and FFKM) and with their continuous work, our personnel, managers, customers and suppliers lead to solution-based relationships. With this combined effort and experience, any challenge becomes a fact.

An intelligent technology exchange positions us as leaders of the manufacture by extrusion, vulcanised bonding, and precision cutting. Our advantage, based on greater production flexibility, allows us to process orders of a small quantity of finished products without the price rocketing.

Our manufacturing processes and computer support (SAGE, MURANO) allow us to have documentary traceability of our products, from raw materials to the finished parts. We monitor and record the entire manufacturing process, making them known to our customers where necessary.

ECATEC considers that the commitment, execution time for delivery in Barcelona as well as other destinations and, as a consequence of this process, the agreed delivery time, must be met in all projects.

The most common areas of application are: Aeronautics, Rail, Naval, Industrial Supplies, Automotive Support, Industrial Construction Support, Health, Laboratory, Lighting, Household Items, and Gaskets and Seals.


Our company in Barcelona boasts fully equipped facilities that comply with all regulations on occupational health and safety, thus ensuring the safety and well-being of the ECATEC team.

At ECATEC, we are not only concerned with high technology so that the manufacturing process of rubber or silicone parts is not obsolete and remains at the forefront of this sector, but we also focus on ensuring that they live up to our projects and yours.