Cellular silicone

Resistance to acids and electrical charges.

Cellular silicone

Cellular silicone, also called spongy silicone, takes this feature of the air cells that were encapsulated at the time of manufacture, and has good resistance to compression and permanent deformation. It also provides excellent adaptability to uneven or worn-out surfaces and reduces their thermal conductivity.

This type of silicone is used in sealing gaskets, food industry, automotive sector, insulation joints, etc.

ECATEC advises against cellular silicone coming into contact with greases and oils.

The standard cellular silicone is off-white or black with a density of 0.25 g/cm3.


From value To value
Density (Shore A) 10 35
Working temperature (ºC) -50 200
Tolerance  ISO 3302-1996 (E) E AND L CLASS EXTRUSION / ISO 3302-1996 (E) M-CLASS CLASS MOULDING  
Colours Any colour, except translucent, according to RAL or PANTONE chart, with a minimum order of 25kg.  
Applications TThey can be used in virtually all areas of industry, for minimum quantities of 25kg.  
Certifications European Pharmacopoeia 3rd edition, USP XXV Class VI, Absence of Taste Transfer, FDA (CFR21 section 177.2600, etc.)  
Format These products can be supplied in metres, cut to the appropriate size from 6mm long or welded forming O-rings, and with the possibility of setting.  
Deadline The expected delivery time is 2 weeks.  

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