Mechanical properties and chemical resistance.



CR rubber or chloroprene is all in all the most balanced rubber in terms of properties, so it can be used for a wide variety of gaskets.

CR neoprene has good mechanical properties even at low load, and as is the case in natural rubber, it has good resistance from 60º Shore A, and medium resistance to hydrocarbons, oxygen and ozone.

It is self- extinguishing, it burns when a flame is applied, but extinguishes when this is removed.

The standard chloroprene rubber is black with 70 Shore A hardness.


From value To value
Density (Shore A) 60 80
Working temperature (ºC) -25 125
Tolerance  ISO 3302-1996 (E) E AND L CLASS EXTRUSION / ISO 3302-1996 (E) M-CLASS CLASS MOULDING  
Colours Black  
Applications Rail and automotive sectors, and all types of seals that require it.  
Format These products can be supplied in metres, cut to the appropriate size from 3mm long or welded forming O-rings, and with the possibility of setting.  
Deadline TThe expected delivery time is 2 weeks.  

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