Good temperature resistance.


This type of synthetic rubber shows moderate resistance to tearing, ozone and weathering due to its unsaturated molecular chains. The SBR rubber has good chemical resistance to inorganic chemicals, but not to oxidising acids, limited to mineral acids, and it is not suitable for organic liquids in general.

This material is perfect for sealing gaskets.

The standard styrene-butadiene or SBR rubber is black with 65 Shore A hardness.


From value To value
Density (Shore A) 60 70
Working temperature (ºC) -50 90
Tolerance  ISO 3302-1996 (E) E AND L CLASS EXTRUSION / ISO 3302-1996 (E) M-CLASS CLASS MOULDING  
Colours Black, white, grey and beige.  
Applications Seals  
Certifications European Pharmacopoeia 3rd edition, USP XXV Class VI, Absence of Taste Transfer, FDA (CFR21 section 177.2600, etc.)  
Format These products can be supplied in metres, cut to the appropriate size from 3mm long or welded forming O-rings, and with the possibility of setting.  
Deadline The expected delivery time is 2 weeks.  

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