Silicone rubber

Resistance to hot air and flexibility at low temperatures.

Silicone rubber (VMQ, PVMQ)

Silicone rubber is a derivative of quartz rock combined at high temperatures with carbon. It is considered a good electrical insulator and burns with difficulty in contact with flames.

It has excellent resistance to hot air and maximum flexibility at low temperatures. The resistance of this rubber to ozone, weathering, saline environments and UV radiation is outstanding.

Silicone available for production at ECATEC: standard insulating silicone (MVQ), conductive silicone, corona treatment silicone, vapour resistant silicone, fluorosilicone (FVMQ), very high temperature silicone (THT), very low
temperature silicone (PMVQ), and platinum silicone.

The standard silicone is translucent with 65 Shore A hardness.


From value To value
Density (Shore A) 25 85
Working temperature (ºC) -70 220
Tolerance  ISO 3302-1996 (E) E AND L CLASS EXTRUSION / ISO 3302-1996 (E) M-CLASS CLASS MOULDING  
Colours Any colour according to RAL or PANTONE chart with a minimum order of 25kg.  
Applications They are normally used in sealing gaskets, for all types of industries, particularly those of machinery manufacturers.  
Certifications European Pharmacopoeia 3rd edition, USP XXV Class VI, Absence of Taste Transfer, FDA (CFR21 section 177.2600, etc.)  
Format These products can be supplied in metres, cut to the appropriate size from 3mm long or welded forming O-rings, and with the possibility of setting.  
Deadline The expected delivery time is 2 weeks for standard silicones and 3 weeks for special silicones.  

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