We manufacture all types of single-component profiles, which are made of rubber of high mechanical strength with a wide range of Shore A hardness and colours according to RAL or PANTONE chart.

Rubber profiles (weatherseals, protectors, contours and rubber bands) to preserve the air tightness of doors, windows and glass, generally for metal, PVC and wood closures.

O-ring thread (cords), suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic sealing.

Compact rubber tubes for the conduction of water, air, petrol, oil… Different polymers are used depending on their application.

Spongy profiles for higher adaptability and air tightness. In most cases, they are used as seals, between containers and packing.

Silicone profiles in cases where good resistance to chemical agents is required, as well as a range of specific working temperature from -50ºC to +220ºC, good transparency or certain colours.

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