Rubber and Silicone Sheet

At ECATEC we have rubber sheets and silicone sheets in different formats and thicknesses.


We supply rubber sheets (EPDM, SBR, CR, NBR, and FKM) depending on their application. Different Shore A hardness, and black as a defined colour.

Compact silicone

These silicone sheets are made of compact silicone with various Shore A hardness. The colours of these silicone sheets defined as translucent are: red, brick red, white or black. At ECATEC, we supply compact silicone in different formats, such as complete rolls or sections.

Rubber and cork

We supply sheets made of cork and synthetic rubber in SBR and NBR quality with excellent waterproofing and compressibility, a high degree of recovery and very good adaptability.

Cellular silicone

These silicone sheets are made of cellular silicone from 5º to 35º Shore A. In contrast to compact silicone sheets, they are available in different formats. With the possibility of being supplied with an adhesive band.

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