The system of production and management of each part manufactured by ECATEC, is guaranteed by our comprehensive quality policy and certified by the ISO 9001 standard.

The aim of our company located in Barcelona is to provide our customers with the highest guarantee: quality in raw materials by using the properties of rubber, quality in precision cutting techniques, rubber extrusion or vulcanisation and, naturally, quality in diverse products: O-rings, sealing gaskets, silicone seals, rubber profiles, EPDM sheets, EPDM seals, etc.


Our silicone and rubber profiles are suitable for the insulation of fixed, sliding and projecting windows, glass walls or façades.

  • Chimney joints, specific for connecting the extraction tube to the chimney. We use TÜV certified silicone (according to DIN EN 14241 Part 1 200 W2 K2 I)
  • Sealing gaskets (industrial drums),are used in situations where differences in material tolerances must be absorbed.

At ECATEC, we have the following types of cutting: die-cutting (pressure), washer cutting, continuous cutting…

ECATEC meets all requirements and certifications, thus ensuring quality control at all stages of production of our products. The confidence of our customer, our best competitive advantage.


The finished products certified with the ECATEC seal are subjected to the most stringent quality controls.

Extruded rubber products require greater tolerances in manufacture than those produced by moulding since the rubber undergoes die swell and, during subsequent vulcanisation, shrinkage and deformation usually occur. Deformation can be reduced by the use of supports during vulcanisation, the nature of the support depending on the section being produced, and the degree of control required. Such features determine the class of tolerance applicable to given dimensions.
In the case of certain synthetic rubbers, extrusion class E1 tolerances are not directly obtainable.


ISO 3302-1:1996 (L) L CLASS CUTTING

ISO 3302-1:1996 (M) M CLASS MOULDING

Quality Seals

ECATEC Commitment:
Establishment and annual review of the objectives.
Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements surrounding the rubber industry.
Adaptation of regulations to the demands of our customers.
Work and continuous research in the ECATEC laboratory.
Maximum efficiency in the production processes of our profiles and in the processes of rubber extrusion, vulcanization, etc.
Commitment in the term of execution and delivery, both in the city of Barcelona and in other destinations.